Aurifil 80wt Thread #2615 Aluminium

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The finest Egyptian 100% cotton from Aurifil.

A gorgeous fine, smooth thread 80wt is ideal for hand and machine use. It is especially recommended for English Paper Piecing and hand appliqué.

For hand sewing we recommend a fine #10 needle, our personal favourites are Clover Black Gold Appliqué/Sharps #10 or Tulip Hiroshima Milliners Straw #10 big eye. It also helps to use a shorter length thread to avoid tangles and knots, 12"-18" is a good length.

For machine sewing it's recommended you use either a 70/10 or 80/12 Microtex/Sharp or Embroidery needle.

100% cotton

Small wooden spool - 274m (300 yards)