We’re here to help with any queries you may have about Duck Egg Threads

Where can I find out about your delivery costs?

We are so glad are thinking of placing an order with us, our Delivery page should answer any questions you have.

Do you have a Returns policy?

Yes we do, full details can be found on our Returns Policy page.

What is a 16th, 8th and FQ?

Quilting fabric is usually bought by the FQ. 16ths, 8ths and FQ are recognised fabric sizes used by quilters.

We sell Liberty Tana Lawn by the 16th or 8th and Pure Solids by the FQ.

Duck Egg Threads sells Liberty Tana Lawn in these smaller than standard sizes because you don’t always need or want to buy a full FQ, this way customers can buy more prints for their budget. It is also worth noting that Liberty Tana Lawn is wider than Quilting cotton, 136cm wide instead of 112cm this means that a Tana Lawn FQ is larger than a Pure Solids FQ.

Tana Lawn 16th = 33cm x 25cm (13” x 9.75” approx.)

Tana Lawn 8th = 33cm x 50cm (13” x 19.75” approx.)

Pure Solids FQ = 50cm x 56cm (19.75” x 22” approx.)

Multiple quantities of the same item will always be supplied as one continuous piece of fabric. On the rare occasions this is not possible (because we are extremely low in stock) we will contact you before processing your order.

Of course, you can also buy all our fabric by the metre. As a guide: 16 x 16ths = 1m / 8 x 8ths = 1m / 4 x FQs = 1m 

If you need any help with buying multiple quantities we are more than happy to guide you, just email sarah@duckeegthreads.co.uk or fill out our Contact Form

We are UK based and therefore all our fabric is sold by the metric system (metres not yards). A metric FQ is slightly different in size than a FQ you would buy in the USA because they use imperial measurements.

I’ve heard about your Liberty Lovelies Monthly Club can you tell me more about it?

Thank you for your interest in our Monthly Club.

The current club runs from July - December 2020, unfortunately we have no spaces available at the moment. We will be updating our Liberty Lovelies Monthly Club page in due course with full details.


If we can help in any way please get in touch, either email sarah@duckeggthreads.co.uk or fill out the Contact Form

Thank you.