Liberty Tana Lawn Astell Reece A Yellow

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 The Liberty archive holds two different versions of this design, both created in 1904 – a fabric swatch from a silk pattern book, and a paper print impression. Its very typical Arts and Crafts motif consists of poppies among an upward trail of foliage.

16th 33cm x 25cm (13" x 9.75") £1.56

8th 33cm x 50cm (13" x 19.5") £3.13

If you want a larger piece please see the guide below, fabric will be cut as a continuous piece.

FQ = 2 x 8ths (4 x 16ths)

0.5m = 4 x 8ths (8 x 16ths)

1.0m = 8 x 8ths (16 x 16ths)


100% Cotton Tana Lawn

Width of fabric: 136cm (53.5")