Liberty Tana Lawn Montgomery A Blue

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A Private View AW20 Collection

Montgomery takes inspiration from the simplicity and beauty of foliage, like William Morris’s ‘Willow’ design. In 1881, Morris argued that the ideal pattern should have “unmistakable suggestions of gardens and fields”. Drawn in fine liner pen, the delicate details are captured through a traditional one-colour rotary print..

16th 33cm x 25cm (13" x 9.75") £1.56

8th 33cm x 50cm (13" x 19.5") £3.13

If you want a larger piece please see the guide below, fabric will be cut as a continuous piece.

FQ = 2 x 8ths (4 x 16ths)

0.5m = 4 x 8ths (8 x 16ths)

1.0m = 8 x 8ths (16 x 16ths)


100% Cotton Tana Lawn

Width of fabric: 136cm (53.5")